The Art of Sublet Hopping in New York City

Big Changes: Announcing my new venture, SoulBuffalo Expeditions

        To my family, and to friends old and new- I’m so excited to announce a big change in my life: We officially launched my new venture […]

Dave Ford Does Mt. Rainier 2013: Crevasse falls, non-summits, and magical lessons

Rainier Picture

Click above to watch my Mt. Rainier video: Released December 2013 One day, I decided that I wanted/needed/had to get to the top of Mt. Rainier in the Pacific NW […]

Why I decided to climb Mt. Rainier…..

Rainie clouds

I put together a little video yesterday to answer the question that I’ve been getting a lot these days, “Why on earth would you want to climb Mt.Rainier?” Thanks for […]

Australia 2013: Weddings, Reunions, Scantly Clad Beaches, and Wild Kangaroos


 As I sit down to write up my 1o day Australian voyage its 10 degrees in New York City–or at least it feels like it. Its pretty unbelievable that just […]

New Year’s in Nicaragua: Giant Surfboards, Baby Turtles, and Mom and Pop Fireworks


After spending so much time and seeing so many things in North and South America, I realized recently that I had somehow overlooked the massive land bridge (full of unique […]

The Amazon Jungle – because sometimes you just gotta go way off the grid


My home for 10 days in the Deep Amazon  As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of going off the grid in regular intervals. There is something […]

Meditating on a mountaintop in Peru


During my 18 month world trip in 2007 and 2008, I spent 8 months traversing South America, and  6 weeks gallivanting around Peru. Peru was one of my favorite countries […]

Burning Man 2011 – The Light at the End of the Temple


This year, I made it a priority in life to make it back to Black Rock City for the 25th Burning Man. And after returning, I had initially found myself […]

The Art of Sublet Hopping in New York City


The following thoughts are the breakdown of the lifestyle experiment that I launched earlier this year – the Sublet Hop.  On January 3rd I started sublet hopping in New York City, […]

A guide to the East Village Russian Turkish Baths – a truly unique NYC experience


Right around the corner from our place in Stuy-Town, is a legitimate Russian Turkish Bath. The series of saunas has apparently been on 10th street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A since […]