The Art of Sublet Hopping in New York City

We are going Dogsledding on the open ice in Greenland in April of 2015…. and you are INVITED!

Hello my friends! I’ve decided on my next big adventure and it involves dogs, Inuits, and the Arctic. The difference between this trip and my other trips so far is that […]

Dave Ford Does Mt. Rainier 2013: Crevasse falls, non-summits, and magical lessons

Rainier Picture

Click above to watch my Mt. Rainier video: Released December 2013 One day, I decided that I wanted/needed/had to get to the top of Mt. Rainier in the Pacific NW […]

Why I decided to climb Mt. Rainier…..

Rainie clouds

I put together a little video yesterday to answer the question that I’ve been getting a lot these days, “Why on earth would you want to climb Mt.Rainier?” Thanks for […]

Australia 2013: Weddings, Reunions, Scantly Clad Beaches, and Wild Kangaroos


 As I sit down to write up my 1o day Australian voyage its 10 degrees in New York City–or at least it feels like it. Its pretty unbelievable that just […]

New Year’s in Nicaragua: Giant Surfboards, Baby Turtles, and Mom and Pop Fireworks


After spending so much time and seeing so many things in North and South America, I realized recently that I had somehow overlooked the massive land bridge (full of unique […]

The Amazon Jungle – because sometimes you just gotta go way off the grid


My home for 10 days in the Deep Amazon  As many of you know, I am a huge proponent of going off the grid in regular intervals. There is something […]

Meditating on a mountaintop in Peru


During my 18 month world trip in 2007 and 2008, I spent 8 months traversing South America, and  6 weeks gallivanting around Peru. Peru was one of my favorite countries […]

Burning Man 2011 – The Light at the End of the Temple


This year, I made it a priority in life to make it back to Black Rock City for the 25th Burning Man. And after returning, I had initially found myself […]

The Art of Sublet Hopping in New York City


The following thoughts are the breakdown of the lifestyle experiment that I launched earlier this year – the Sublet Hop.  On January 3rd I started sublet hopping in New York City, […]

A guide to the East Village Russian Turkish Baths – a truly unique NYC experience


Right around the corner from our place in Stuy-Town, is a legitimate Russian Turkish Bath. The series of saunas has apparently been on 10th street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A since […]