Travel Goals


In the winter of 2004 I wrote down a list of 101 goals involving every aspect of my life. Four years later, after 18 months of traveling, I went back to this list and was surprised to see that I had accomplished nearly 25 major life goals within that 4 year time frame. One of the goals was to have my own website. Another goal was to live in New York City where I currently reside.

If you have a few extra minutes, I highly recommend sitting down and making your own list. It is never wasted time outlining your dreams. Before you know it you will be halfway around the world and back with new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. This much I can personally attest too.

I was inspired to do this by a guy named John Goddard (I never met him, but found him on the web randomly). He put together a list of 127 life goals a long time ago and has completed nearly all of them.

I reserve the right to add to this list at anytime.


The 7 Wonders of the World

Remote Destinations

Places to Live

The 7 Summits– Climb the highest mountain on each continent

Events and Festivals

  • Octoberfest
  • Burning Man (8/2008) (9/2009) PICTURED BELOW
  • New Orleans Jazzfest (5/2005)
  • Running of the Bulls
  • Chinese New Year (In China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan)
  • Carnival

Backpacking and Trekking

Spiritual Destinations

  • Jerusalem
  • Stonehenge
  • Tibet
  • Varnasi, India
  • Ankgor Watt, Cambodia
  • Dharamsala, India
  • Iquitos (or in the vicinity), Amazonian Peru

Crazy Shit


  • India
  • Tibet
  • New York City
  • Cambodia


  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • The Alps
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • The Andes in Argentina and Chile
  • Utah
  • Canada (Fernie 12/2007) (Banff 12/2007)
  • Colorado (Vail 12/2003) (Steamboat 2/2005)

Wildlife Excursions and Species to See

Golf Courses

  • Pebble Beach (USA)
  • Pine Valley (USA)
  • The Old Course at St. Andrews (Scotland)
  • Ballybunion (Ireland)
  • Augusta National (USA)

Rafting and River Trips

  • Raft the Colorado River
  • Raft the Zambezi River
  • The Nile
  • The Amazon


  • Whale Sharks–either Broom, Australia or Honduras
  • Galapagos Islands- Hammerhead dive
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Indonesia
  • Fiji
  • The Red Sea

Cities to explore

  • London
  • Paris
  • Moscow
  • Buenos Aires
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Mumbai
  • Moscow
  • Amsterdam
  • Tokyo
  • Capetown
  • Rome
  • Istanbul
  • Cairo
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Singapore
  • Bogata
  • Bangkok
  • Prague
  • Copenhagen
  • Hong Kong
  • Barcelona
  • San Francisco
  • Havana, Cuba
  • Mexico City
  • Chicago
  • Vancouver

Extended Overland Travel

I will travel overland through _____________.









  1. Brad Foutz says:

    I have something that I would personally replace with Chichen Itza. My opinion is that Chichen Itza is just a bus trip from Cancun. So you get the Cancun tourist. I would recommend replacing this with Tikal in Guatemala. Much more difficult to get to but well worth it.

    Cross Chichen Itza off your list when you go to Cancun on your honeymoon ;)

  2. Dave Ford says:

    I have a great deal of good things about Tikal in Guatemala. I would love to visit all of the Mayan sites. They both were extremely important.

  3. CHRISTINE says:

    Hi Dave Ford!!!

    I googled travel goals and found your site. I just visited the pyramids in Egypt and as New Year’s is approaching have started to think perhaps I need to make a list or something. Thanks for the great ideas and good luck on your goals! Should you add Kuwait to your list let me know as that is where I am currently living!


  4. mary says:

    U should do Mountain Gorillas in Uganda . Rwanda and Congo are infested with poisenes bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jaime says:

    I too googled travel goals and found your site. I absolutely love your list!!!

    Looking at your list and John Goddard’s motivated me to better organize my own travel goals. Thanks! I’m still composing my list and will definitely share when I complete it (a lot of trips this year and goals need to be in order). Please visit the the Alhambra in Granada, Spain if you get a moment. It is beautiful!! SUCH intricate details!

    When are you going to update your list?
    Thanks again, and enjoy your travels :)

  6. Dave Ford says:

    Somehow the Google gods have smiled on me and I pop in the top three for search for Travel Goals.

    This, is pretty cool. Please keep the comments coming and I urge you to create your own list. You’ll be surprised how quickly you start checking things off : )


  7. mc says:

    Hi Dave!
    Thats awesome that you were able to travel so much! how did you afford to travel for so long?? any suggestions??

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